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Antarctica: Emperor Penguins Oct 2018

A “march with the penguins” is a rare experience that few people are so fortunate to share. Sail on an icebreaker with our special staff to the Antarctic Peninsula then helicopter to Snow Hill Island. Watch and photograph Emperor Penguins with the most endearing chicks of all. See Itinerary.

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Our combination of first-class extensively experienced tour leaders with specialized resident local guides deliver the “Cheeseman Experience” to you.

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Hugh Rose

Expedition and Trip Leader, Naturalist, Geologist, and Photographer, Hugh has over 20 years of professional guiding experience. The vast landscapes...

Paco Madrigal

Paco has over 20 years of experience guiding wildlife, natural history, and birding tours throughout his native Costa Rica. He...

Ted Cheeseman

Ted grew up traveling extensively and began studying and photographing wildlife as a child. After completing a Master's degree in...

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