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Central America

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Come watch wildlife with us! Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris' distinctive worldwide tours travel to destinations unique for abundant and photogenic mammals, birds and nature. We emphasize maximum field time and action-packed wildlife photography during the best season at each destination. Hand-picked leaders and local guides combine amiable personalities with extensive knowledge of each region. All our tours provide a non-smoking policy in small groups. As a small company, we provide a personal touch and attention to every detail - just as we have done for over thirty years. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible wildlife encounters to you. Join us for an amazing experience!

Reserve early! Our trips can fill fast. To reserve your space, follow the instructions in each itinerary. Please contact us if you have any questions. If a trip is full, ask us about our wait list and other options.

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Destination (click for itinerary) Days Dates Group
Leader Trip
Panama Avian Jewels 16 February 27, 2015 -
March 14, 2015
10 Jim Danzenbaker not

Green Honeycreeper by Bill Page
Green Honeycreeper ©Bill Page

Panama together with Jim Danzenbaker's leadership equals a wonderful tropical experience. Jim is absolutely tops when it comes to uncovering Neotropical wildlife so he personally designed this two-week itinerary with plenty of time at three significant sites. Four days at Canopy Tower, four days at Canopy Lodge, and four days at Los Quetzales allows you in-depth field time and very little time traveling between the varied lowland and highland destinations. Jim will focus on many birds, amazing Neotropical mammals and beautiful, photogenic butterflies and amphibians. The food is delicious, the lodges extremely comfortable, and the people are as friendly as can be. Join Jim and our resident guides in this small gem of a country with incredible biodiversity, located beside Costa Rica. If you loved Costa Rica, you will love Panama.

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