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A Passion for
Nature & Wildlife

For nearly four decades we have designed trips that provide maximum time out in nature to experience and photograph wildlife. Our goal is to inspire travelers with the values of conservation and education. Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris grew out of Doug, Gail, and Ted Cheeseman’s passion for exploring, protecting, and learning about the incredible wildlife and environments found around the world. To spread this contagious passion wide, we lead unsurpassed tours with the goal of providing a higher standard of wildlife travel under the guidance and knowledge of the best leaders available.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create life-changing safari experiences.

Safari Coordinator Staff

Our safari coordinators are ready to help you sign up and answer questions. Read more about our safari trip leaders.

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Gina Barton

Gina took an interest in biology at a young age, which led to a Master’s degree in biology focused on ornithology. She spent 13 years as an ornithologist studying bird migration and the effects of habitat management on bird populations. Having a lifelong zeal for travel, she now merges nature-focused travel with her love of wildlife behavior.

Ted Cheeseman

Ted grew up traveling extensively and began studying and photographing wildlife as a child. After completing a master's degree in tropical conservation biology, Ted now leads and organizes tours with a specialization in providing in-depth the polar expeditions that Cheesemans’ is known for.

Elizabeth Coler

Elizabeth’s interest in wildlife and traveling stemmed from attending various science camps and traveling often with her family throughout her childhood. She studied abroad in Costa Rica with the Monteverde Biological Institute, focusing on tropical biology and conservation. Shortly afterwards she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology and Evolution. She loves to be outdoors and believes the best way to promote conservation is through experiencing the amazing environments you are helping to conserve.

Adam Walter

Adam has been an avid outdoorsman since birth, growing up on the Chesapeake Bay and in the woods of Maryland and Pennsylvania. With conservation in mind, his love for the wilderness has taken him to the trails of Kalalau, Hawaii, SCUBA diving, and on a globe-circumnavigating backpacking trip. He is thrilled to merge his 20 years of marketing experience with his love of nature by being a part of the Cheesemans’ team.

Why Choose Cheesemans'?

Maximum Time in Nature

Our top mission is to provide maximum time out in nature to take home in-depth experiences and cherished memories of far-flung wildlife and nature. We often start before breakfast (with picnic meals) and return in the early evening allowing us to travel farther to find special wildlife each day.

Why Choose Cheesemans'?

Knowledgeable Leaders

Our leaders are our most important asset. We scour each destination to find leaders who are experts on the local wildlife and ecology, and who will provide you with maximum time out in nature. On average, we provide one leader per six clients to enhance your experience and quickly address any issues.

Why Choose Cheesemans'?

Small Groups

Most tour groups number only 6 to 12. When feasible, we use over-sized buses to comfortably fit camera and daytime pack within easy reach. In Tanzania and Kenya, four people riding in each seven-passenger safari vehicle provides more space for your gear and to watch wildlife. In the Polar Regions, our small expedition group allows everyone to go ashore at once without timed shifts.

Why Choose Cheesemans'?

Cohesive Groups

Our travelmates are nature lovers whose main objective is in-depth experiences with wildlife and nature. This like-mindedness results in camaraderie and long lasting friendships.

Why Choose Cheesemans'?

Breathtaking Photography

Providing maximum field time also means we experience nature under soft morning and evening light – popularly known as the "golden hours" for photography. Our leaders are experienced in positioning vehicles at the most advantageous vantage points for watching and photographing.

Why Choose Cheesemans'?

Small Company, Dedicated Staff

We intentionally keep Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris small to provide personalized attention to the needs of all our travelmates. Our Safari Coordinator Staff is always ready to help with the smallest details. After each safari, feedback we receive will be considered on future safaris.

Ecology is Our Middle Name

Why is "Ecology" our middle name? Ecology explores the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. It is ecology that spurs on the great diversity of wildlife and habitats as they compete for survival. Ecology explains the intriguing animal behaviors that we love to watch, photograph, and learn about as we travel to each corner of the globe.

Privacy Policy

Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris values and respects our travelers above all and takes their privacy very seriously. Read our Privacy Policy.

Reserve Early

Early reservation is important so you can have plenty of time to prepare for our in-depth tours. Our small groups have limited space and interest is high often causing our tours to fill over a year in advance. To register, follow the instructions in each itinerary or simply contact us.

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