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California’s Bay Area
Private Day Trips

California’s Bay Area Private Day Trips

Do you live in the Bay Area and want to learn more about the local flora and fauna? Are you planning a visit to the region and want a day or two in nature? If so, we can create a selection of day trips focused on bird watching, wildflowers, and whale watching, all of which are timed during their respective peak seasons to experience these phenomena in nature.

California’s Bay Area is a very diverse eco-region. It hosts the famed redwood forests, oak woodlands, coastal scrub, unique grasslands, and wetlands, all of which host an array of endemic wildflowers and birds.

These trips are designed to minimize our indoor exposure during the pandemic while providing opportunities for folks in the area to explore in depth. Please call or email us to set up your private trip today!

Wildflowers and Birds (and Wine Tasting!)

Join Gina Barton for wildflowers and birds in local Bay Area parks in the spring. This is peak time for bird migration and the best time to see many of the endemic flowers our area hosts.

What would a typical day look like?
Meet Gina around sunrise at a predetermined local park or trail for a morning pursuing birds and/or checking out wildflowers. We’ll break for a group lunch (outside) and return to the field for an afternoon of wildflowers and/or outdoor wine tasting, ending in enough time for you to enjoy dinner at home or your hotel!

Where will we go?
Some of the best places to view wildflowers and/or birds are Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve where Gina is a docent, Mount Diablo State Park, and Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve to name a few. You can pick your favorite park to learn what is there too!

What do I need to bring?
You will need your own vehicle to drive yourself to and between locations. We will include lunch and, if applicable, wine tasting, in the cost. We will provide a list of things to bring during your trip closer to the departure date.

Whale Watching in Monterey Bay

Join Ted Cheeseman for a half or full day out in Monterey Bay any time of the year to learn more about the whales. You can read more about our whale watching trips here.

What do I need to bring?
You will need your own transportation to get to the embarkation location. You will need to bring your own lunch.